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Frequently asked questions about hair fibers

Question: What are hair fibers made of?

Answer: The hair fibers consist of organic keratin, a protein that is the major constituent of human hair. The fibers have a natural static charge that allows them to attach to even the finest hairs. Hair fibers are completely natural and contain no dangerous chemicals that can damage your hair or scalp.

Question: Is hair growth affected?

Answer: No, hair fibers are a purely cosmetic product, nor does it promote or prevent hair growth. The natural keratin fibers do not clog pores and do not affect the condition of the scalp.

Question: Does hair fiber stop during wind, rain and physical activity?

Answer: The hair fibers remain in place in both wind and light rain as well as in physical activity. But not in normal rain. Most fibers remain in the hair until you wash it.


Question: Can I use hair fibers with styling products?

Answer: It is excellent, but it is recommended to use hair fibers after having in e.g. jelly or wax or the use of straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers. Only hair spray can possibly be applied after hair fibers rather than before.

Question: How long does a jar last?

Answer: A 25g can or refill should last for approx. 60 days.

Question: Can you mix colors?

Answer: It is excellent and can be a great way to get a suitable color if none of the basic colors match your hair color in basic design.

Question: How is hair fiber employed?

Answer: Hair fibers should preferably be placed in freshly washed, dry hair. Conditioners can be used well in lengths, but should be avoided at the root of the hair, because the hair fibers have as good a solution as possible. Powder the fibers over the areas where you want the hair to look denser and fuller, then gently dry the fibers with your fingers or with your fingers. Or use an applicator as shown below!

Question: What if I get hair fibers on my clothes?

Answer: If you get the hair fibers on your clothes or bedding, they can be easily brushed. Alternatively, they go away with water.

Question: Can I use hair fibers to cover growth after hair coloring?

Answer: Hair fibers can be used to cover growth, as the color difference between natural hair and colored hair becomes less obvious. They can also be used, for example, to reduce the visibility of the expansion brackets.

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