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Hairdresser tips for thin hair!

What different types of hairstyles fit when I start getting thin? Watch these celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Stellan Skarsgård, David Beckham, Dolph Lundgren and several others and get inspired, maybe it's something that suits you and it will work wonders with hair fibers!

Do you have nice hair, thin hair or both? By fine hair you refer to the thickness of the hair itself, and when you talk about thin hair you mean the number of hairs on the head. Some hairdressers claim that fine and thin hair needs a short cut styling, others crazes for a cut hair with layers. But other things play as clearly in, as the shape of your face, your style and what you enjoy.


The scruffy hairstyle is a boon for many thin hair. If you do it the right way, can you very often cover surfaces where the hair has become thinner and supplement it with hair fibers and you counteract the older look? you get so thin hair because the hard hairstyle is used primarily by younger people. With a hard hairstyle, you can also have different lengths on certain parts of the hair without being so clearly visible, which means you can keep your hair longer on thinner areas.

frisure tip

Map on the sides

Having the hair shorter and longer on the head creates an effective visual effect that makes the hair that has started to thin out look less thin than it is.

Dolph Lundgren


A fuzzy haircut reduces the viewer's focus on the hair because there is not much there, and focuses the focus on the face instead. This hairstyle seems to fit better with the male face you have. For white men, this hairstyle works best when you are a little tanned, because the color of the skin then does not differ much from the hair, and contrast and thin hair become less visible. A few millimeters of beard also complements well and balances the lack of hair on the head.
Tips for oily hair

Is your hair getting fast fast? Is it always dirty and unsafe? No one goes. With a few simple tricks one can remedy the problem. One mistake that many make is to wash your hair too often. It is not good to wash your hair every other day. This makes the hair greasy too fast. The hair gets overproduction of sebum, which makes the hair oily. Try to wash your hair 1-2 times a week. At first it may feel difficult, but your hair gets used to it and thank you.

Tips if you have worn hair

There are lots of products on the market that say they can cure worn out hair follicles. But the most important and most effective is an old, honest haircut. If we do not dispose of our split ends, they will be cut and disassembled or intertwined.

So make sure to cut away the worst worn. Use a good hairbrush that is gentle on your hair, avoid rubber stoppers or strands of metal that can tear your hair. Be careful not to blow dry your hair too often. Even pliers and curling irons are big bucks in the drama. Always use protective products before exposing your hair to this wear.

Always make sure to use conditioner after shampooing, and do hair packing regularly.

Do you often dye your hair? It is one of the most common causes of worn hair. Rather, set a toning instead of a normal hair color. And if you want to shine your hair, be sure to do it at a professional salon. Otherwise, it is easy to discolor it and wear your hair completely unnecessarily.

Invest in really good hair products that suit your hair. You will earn it in the long run. We only sell carefully selected products! Your hair will be significantly healthier and stronger.

Thin hair

Thin hair is a typical hair problem, especially for Scandinavians. Thin hair can feel sad and dull, but it can actually help nature a little on the stack. The pharmacy's rhinoceros oil works best as a good cow supplement for hair fibers on thin and lifeless hair. Use it as a hair pack a few times a week and you will hopefully experience a significant difference. Wash your hair with shampoo, then apply castor oil to the scalp and massage. Then apply remnants of the oil to the hair lengths. Iron the hair in a towel and let it work for approx. one hour. Then rinse thoroughly and finish with conditioner or hair foil.

If you have thin hair, it may be a good idea to cut into a hairstyle with more volume. A stylish side can make your hair look thicker and playful.

Today, there are plenty of tools to come to get a thicker hair. Extensions eg You can buy the haircut and fasten it yourself with the buckles. Or you can have it done at a salon using glue, braid or tape, but the easiest is to use hair fibers.

Tips for thin hair - Let your hair air dry, the thin, fine hair is often quite fragile, so choose your flats! - If you dry hair, lean forward so that the hair gets a lift from the scalp. You can also work with a large, rounded brush, brushing the hair out and up from the head to work up the volume and desired control. - You can also dye with other hair fiber shades - Dry shampoo Do not use a towel to dry your hair after washing. The coarse cotton can make the hair look cluttered. Instead, immediately unscrew the excess water and allow it to air dry for five to ten minutes

The cold can cause dry, large hair. But there are some surprising tricks to avoid the problem. Your food and your clothes also mean a lot to a beautiful hair in the winter.

Icy wind and then rapid heating when you enter the doors is a bad combination for your hair. It will be volatile, dull and risky relatively easy. But with a few tricks, you can get through the cold season without the hassle of dry and electric hair. It is about much more than taking care of your hair with different products. You should also take a closer look at what you eat, how you dress and what you sleep in the cold months.

If you wear a thick scarf and have long hair, the hair usually comes in contact with the scarf. Wool and cotton fibers in caps and scarves absorb all the moisture and steal it from the scalp and hair.

Sleep and eat right

Thick cotton bedding is also a culprit when looking at what dries the hair out. A pillowcase in softer fabrics like silk will be the best choice when the air is dry.

Even the food has a lot to say about when it comes to your hair. If you have dry hair and dry skin, be extra careful about what you recycle. Vitamin B in particular helps give you fresh, smooth hair. Nutrients such as zinc, iron and fish oil care and moisturize the hair from within.

You can also buy a special brush that you use during the winter months. A hard brush with synthetic spikes is extremely harmful to dry hair. Instead, you can opt for a soft brush with natural hair.
Avoid heavy cures

Look for a shampoo that provides plenty of moisture. TresEmme has several products that are moisturizing, including shampoo. If you have the opportunity to wash your hair so often during the winter months. Daily hair washing diverts hair and scalp from moisture. If you can not or will not stand over the daily hair, adjust the water temperature slightly. The warmer the water, the more the hair is dried out.

Then, of course, you need to pamper your hair and heal it. But be careful not to press too hard products into the hair because it will weigh the hair down and make it even harder to get to. You should rather choose a conditioner or a moisturizer for fine and flying hair. And then use that package a few times a week.

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Leonardo Di Caprio
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